Eaton Bank Academy

Celebrating Year 7 Online Learning


7SMU Science

Some more pictures from Miss Mullins’ science class. These pictures are from Lily Clowes, Ella Clack and Leah Mawby.

7SMU Lockdown Challenge

7SMU have been busy with their Lockdown Challenges. Lots of tea bags thrown, toilet rolls kicked and very cute baby photos!

Year 7 Music

Mrs Venables’ students have been researching the different instruments from the orchestra and completing listening tasks for each family of instruments. The class have then been playing some well known orchestral pieces on instruments and virtual instruments at home.  Well done to 7TG1!

Year 7 Science

Miss Mullins’ class have been learning about organs in the human body. Great work by Holly Moore and Daniel Cordoroy

Year 7-9 PE

Some fantastic photos of students in Years 7, 8 and 9 taking part in online PE lessons, staying active and keeping fit! Thank you to everyone who shared their photos. 

Year 7 Geography – Drainage Basins

Mrs Benjamin’s Year 7 class have been making river drainage basins during live lessons.  The students were asked to follow the steps on the PowerPoint to make a drainage basin (pop up or drawing). They were given 30 mins to create, label and then write out their keywords. This was followed by a discussion and questions about the meanings.  Well done 7TG3!! 
Pictures submitted by Alfie Kingsland, Emily Braisby, Maddie Goodwin, Oliver Renshaw.