Eaton Bank Academy

Year 7 plant and animal cell models

Mr Quinn’s Year 7 science class have made some fantastic posters and models of plant and animal cells. The students were creative and resourceful using cakes, biscuits, recyclable waste and household objects to make their brilliant cell models. Well done!

Building the Severn Bridge

Year 9, 10 and 12 STEM students have experienced bridge building first-hand, constructing a 15 metre model of the Severn Crossing. The bridge building project is run by ‘Bridge to Schools’ and supported by local ambassadors Cruden Group. The project helps to develop a practical understanding of civil engineering, encourage students to choose STEM subjects … Continued

Biology Challenge Success

Year 9 Science students have taken part in the Royal Society of Biology ‘Biology Challenge’ . The competition, open to students aged 13-15, tests their knowledge whilst also encouraging them to take an interest in biology beyond the school curriculum. A record 40,000 students took part in the competition, from more than 500 schools around … Continued

Uncover Copper Competition

Good luck to our Year 8 students who have entered a competition to design a poster about copper.  The posters demonstrate the students’ understanding of the use of copper in building services, health and medicine or renewable energy.  The posters also have to have a clear and creative layout that makes the poster easy and … Continued

National Science Research Project

Project M – 1000 samples, 100 schools, one great big experiment Students in 8xy2 have joined schools from all over the UK participating in a pioneering citizen science project to help scientists to better understand calcium carbonate. ‘Project M’ allows students to contribute to ‘real life’ scientific research, take part in genuine experiments and publish their … Continued

Year 5 Science Lesson

Dr Longshaw invited Marton and District Primary School Year 5 pupils to Eaton Bank Academy to learn all about Theme Chemical & Physical changes! The pupils started the class by looking at ice melting and a candle burning. They then moved on to dissolve three different salts; one made the temperature drop, two increased the … Continued

Science Learning Partnership

Eaton Bank Academy is delighted to be the new host of the Cheshire & Stockport Science Learning Partnership (SLP).  The SLP facilitates the delivery of professional development and training to teachers and others involved in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education across the county. Eaton Bank Academy was selected to host the Cheshire and … Continued

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Science Faculty

Congratulations  to the following students who have been recognised by the Science faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning: Year 13 – Laura Hunt and Ben Gosling Year 12 – Dom Axford and Hannah Brown Year 11 – Chloe Morgan and Jamie Goff Year 10  – Georgia Valentine and Tim Vos Year 9  – Jess … Continued

Primary Science Club

Eaton Bank Academy hosted Mossley Primary School to learn more about the topic of magnets. Pupils investigated the magnetic field with iron filings to find the shape of the field, then used compasses to find the direction of the field.  Working with science teacher Mr Sharman, they also made some electro-magnets.     

RAF Science Roadshow

Eaton Bank Academy has welcomed the RAF ‘Fun with Flight’ STEM roadshow which explores the physics of flying.  Year 8 students enjoyed watching exciting demonstrations including being filmed by a drone, learning about the Coandă  effect and even seeing (and hearing!) a jet engine. The afternoon was a great success, inspiring the next generation of engineers. … Continued