Eaton Bank Academy

Cambridge National ICT Qualification


Headteacher Mr O’Neill has congratulated a large group students who made an incredible effort in their Cambridge National ICT qualification, improving their results from the mock exam to the real exam by 2, 3 and even 4 grades.  The students, who took the exam in Year 9, were were joined by Head of Computing Mrs Rice who was delighted with the progress the students had made.

The students celebrating their grades are: Amy Hibbert, Adam Ryder-Ault, Cody Walley, Charlie Wilson, Chloe Lyons, Stuart Minshull, Alex Claridge, Rachel Hughes, Sophie Mellor, Mia Eckersley, Mia Hulme, George Burgess, Harry Charlton, Sybella Clutton, Lizzie Sherratt and Finlay Ward-Stevens.