Eaton Bank Academy

Arts Award Evening


Eaton Bank Academy have hosted their annual Arts Award Evening, celebrating students’ achievements in dance, drama, music, art and DT.  The evening was attended by families and friends who enjoyed a showcase of dance, drama and musical performances. Guests also had the opportunity to view a gallery of art and design work produced by students throughout the school year.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

KS3 (Year 8)
Art; Outstanding Effort – Ruth Hampson; Outstanding Achievement – Leanne Senior; Outstanding Contribution – Harrison Quinn;  Most Outstanding Student – Georgia Tellwright.

Dance; Outstanding Effort – Olivia Gill; Outstanding Achievement – Molly Knight; Outstanding Contribution – Molly Gilmour; Most Outstanding Student – Hannah McCloud.

Drama; Outstanding Effort – Molly Knight; Outstanding Achievement – Maisie Dixon; Outstanding Contribution – Hannah McCloud; Most Outstanding Student – Helen Banks.

Music; Outstanding Effort – Eva Atanasova; Outstanding Achievement – Pieter Swart; Outstanding Contribution – Ruth Hampson; Most Outstanding Student – Josh Evett.

Special Recognition; Performing Arts – Megan Norris; Art Design and Technology – Daisy Worrall.


Art; Outstanding Effort- Maya Hicklin; Outstanding Achievement – Maisie Manning; Outstanding Contribution – Oliver Rhodes; Most Outstanding Student – Chloe Wood.

Art textiles; Outstanding Effort – Rebecca Jones; Outstanding Achievement – Marie Wilshaw; Outstanding Contribution – Jess Andow; Most Outstanding Student – Hannah Walker.

Outstanding Effort – Elysia Oliver; Outstanding Achievement – Cerys Griffiths; Outstanding Contribution – Victoria Bloor; Most Outstanding Student – Katie Baker.

Drama; Outstanding Effort – Nell Painter; Outstanding Achievement – Summer Forward-Martin; Outstanding Contribution – Oliver Rhodes; Most Outstanding Student – Maya Hicklin

Music; Outstanding Effort – Kate Sherman; Outstanding Achievement – Naomi Barnett; Outstanding Contribution – Vicky Bloor; Most Outstanding Student – Joe Robinson;

Special Recognition; Performing Arts – Rhiannon Roussarie; Art Design and Technology – Abbie Butler


Art and Design; Outstanding Effort – Lily Bennett-Sergeant; Outstanding Achievement – Victoria Bromley; Most Outstanding Student – Dan Bossons.

Art Textiles and Photography; Outstanding Effort – Jemima Axson; Outstanding Achievement – Olivia Roberts        ; Most Outstanding Student – Sophie Pritchard.

Special Recognition; Performing Arts – Lily Bennett-Sergeant & Naomi Johnson

Art Design and Technology; Sophie Pritchard.