Eaton Bank Academy

Our brand new Media suite is totally dedicated to the use of GCSE and A-Level Media Studies at Eaton Bank. 

The suite comprises 10 recently purchased slim-line aluminium 21.5”  iMacs for use at A2 .  The computers, along with 2 versions of iMovie, are ideal when our students are required to produce high quality moving image texts, including trailers and music vidoes. Also available for use are 20 laptops which are set up to be used to produce print based texts such as magazine front covers.  Our colour A3 printer effectivley produces professional looking media pages.

The suite has the dual purpose of being used for both practical and theory lessons and with  its projector and sound system pupils enjoy the analysis of TV drama and moving image texts on the big screen.  Pupils are also able to use the school’s camera and sound recording equipment to help them capture their own original footage or images.