Eaton Bank Academy

The faculty of Performing Arts benefits from some excellent specialist facilities:

The music department has two large teaching rooms. M1 is designed as a performance space with stage area and grand piano. This room houses a mixing desk and Laney monitors to provide opportunities for students to perform with amplification on the stage. The second music room is designed as an iMac computer suite containing 16 iMacs running Logic Pro 9 and Sibelius. In addition there is a specialist 6th form teaching room with 5iMac computers again running Logic Pro 9.   The recording studio has two MacBook Pro’s with Yamaha 01V mixing desks and audio feeds through to the main teaching room and the sound proofed control room. These computers run LogicPro9. We have a good selection of professional quality microphones including AKG condenser microphones and Shure SM57 and SM58 dynamic mic’s. A headphone amp and keyboard synthesisers allow students to maximise their options when recording and developing their compositions and recordings. The studio also has an analogue turn table for any student wishing to develop their DJ’ing skills.

In addition, the Drama and Dance departments have two specialist studios, one of which was newly refurbished in summer 2013. The studios benefit from sprung floors, theatre lighting and sound systems and a changing area in the main studio. Both studios also have projectors, which are used in a variety of ways in lessons, such as watching other students’ recorded pieces or gaining inspiration from professionals.

Our specialist facilities are also used by a number of external organisations:

The County Youth Choir, organized and run by the Love Music Trust, is also based at Eaton Bank Academy in our fantastic music facility. The Conductor is Stuart Overington.

Stagecoach Theatre Company, which provides quality part-time training in the performing arts for children aged 4-18yrs, also uses both our drama and music rooms as well as the hall and stage.

To enquire about lettings for the performing arts facilities please contact Mrs Foulkes