Eaton Bank Academy

COVID-19 update

DP Sportswear will be open from 15th June. The shop will be implementing social distancing measures to ensure everyone remains safe. Please read letter attached for more information DP Sportswear Letter for Uniform

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DP Sportswear Uniform Price list 2020

Students will return to school in full school uniform in September 2020.

NEW 3G Pitch The new 3G Pitch is an exciting addition to our sports facilities. Please note, only specific footwear Footwear for 3G pitch can be worn on the 3G Pitch. Both boys and girls will use this new facility, so all students will need suitable footwear.

July 2020 update – We now expect practical PE sessions to start in the new school year. Please ensure your child has school PE kit/ 3G footwear ready for the new school year.

School Uniform and Equipment List

The school uniform supplier is local company, DP Sportswear 42-44 Bromley Road, Congleton, CW12 1PT. Their telephone number is 01260 274400. In selecting a uniform supplier the school have been keen to negotiate a cost effective service with a local point of contact.

    • Green blazer with embroidered school logo*.
    • Plain white shirt (short or long sleeved).
    • Tie with embroidered school logo (separate design for lower school and upper school)*.
    • Knitted mid grey V neck jumper* (optional).
    • Prescribed grey pleated school skirt*. Knee length.
    • Mid grey tailored trousers* (boys & girls).
    • Mid Grey tailored shorts* (boys and girls)
    • Black low heeled substantial school shoe. Leather or leather effect with no bright or coloured sports markings. No boots or trainers. Please see further guidance here Uniform Guidance Shoes
    • Socks and tights must be plain black or grey and tights must not be patterned.
    • Bags should be of the ‘rucksack’ variety with two shoulder straps.


    *All items marked with an asterisk should only be purchased from DP Sportswear


    Additional rules relating to uniform and appearance:


    • No scarves or coats may be worn indoors.
    • Blazers must be worn at all times except where permission is given by a teacher to remove them.
    • No jewellery, except for one small stud in each ear lobe, and no other facial or body piercings permitted. Watches are permitted.
    • Students will be asked to remove excessive makeup and hair decorations.
    • No extreme hairstyles or unnatural coloured hair.
    • Clear nail varnish is permitted. No false nails.


    For Physical Education

    PE Kit from DP Sportswear:

    No hooded sweatshirts or trainers may be worn in the school grounds except during PE lessons. These will be confiscated and collected at the end of the school day.

    • Sports polo shirt including printed school badge and personal initials*
    • Hooded top including printed school badge and personal initials *
    • PE shorts* (boys and girls) or ‘skorts’ (girls only – optional)
    • PE socks*
    • Black training pants* or black leggings
    • Shin pads (compulsory for football)
    • Sports trainers
    • football boots (boys and girls). Boots must meet the specifications for the 3G pitch –  Footwear for 3G pitch

*All items marked with an asterisk must be purchased from DP Sportswear


Please make sure that you have the correct equipment for school:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Pencil eraser and pencil sharpener
  • Coloured pencils
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Calculator
  • Passwords