Eaton Bank Academy

Eaton Bank Academy is nearer than you think!

The majority of children attending Eaton Bank Academy walk to school. We actively encourage children to walk to school, whenever it is safe and reasonable for them to do so. This helps them develop a healthy lifestyle and fosters independence. Children often walk in friendship groups and staff are still on hand for them even as they walk down Jackson Road.

For those travelling from further afield, the catchment area for Eaton Bank Academy includes a large swathe of rural Cheshire… Cheshire East Council will arrange transport for those in catchment areas who live more than three miles from the school.


For those living less than three miles from the school or not within the Cheshire East Catchment there are presently two commercial bus services operating which deliver students directly to the door at Eaton Bank.

If you have any questions regarding transport to Eaton Bank Academy, please contact Mrs Davies


2018/2019 Bus timetables, including Biddulph and North Staffordshire Routes – if you have any questions, please contact Mrs Davies

The 2019/20 School Year Bus Time Table can be viewed here Bus Timetable 2019 2020


Ladyline Commercial Service   Ladyline Commercial Service
Weathercock Lane 7.55 am Eaton Bank Academy 3.08 am
Church House Pub, Buxton Road 8.00 am Town Centre Bus Station (Fairground) 3.18 pm
St Stephen’s Church  8.02 am Canal Road

(Astbury Lane Ends)

3.21 pm
Park Lane 8.13 am Bida Lane  3.24 pm
Bida Lane 8.13 am Park Lane  3.26 pm
Canal Road
(Astbury Lane Ends)
8.17 am St Stephen’s Church  3.33 pm
Town Centre Bus
Station (Fairground)
8.20 am Church House Pub.

Buxton Road

3.35 pm
Eaton Bank Academy 8.30 am Weathercock Lane 3.40 pm  




Bull Lane (Packmoor) 7.45 am Eaton Bank Academy 3.07 pm
West Heath Shopping Centre (Sandbach Road) 3.20 pm
Thursfield Primary School 7.47 am A34 Padgbury Lane 3.23 pm
Neil Gibson Motors 7.49 am Station Road, Scholar Green 3.35 pm
Mow Cop Road 7.50 am Spring Bank 3.40 pm
Mount Pleasant 7.56 am Mount Pleasant 3.42 pm
Station Road (Scholar Green) 8.00 am Mow Cop Road 3.50 pm
A34 Padgbury Lane    8.02 am Sands Road 3.52 pm
West Heath Shopping Centre (Sandbach Road) 8.10 am Thursfield Primary School 3.53 pm
Eaton Bank Academy    8.27 am Bull Lane (Packmoor) 3.55 pm



Biddulph Arms 7.40 am Eaton Bank Academy 3.08 pm
Hall’s Road Playing Fields 7.43 am Grange Corner, Congleton Road 3.31 pm
Sainsbury’s 7.49 am Woodhouse Academy 3.33 pm
James Bateman Sch 7.55 am Oxhey First School 3.38 pm
Park Lane Care Home, Knypersley 7.58 am Thames Drive 3.40 pm
St David’s Way 8.00 am Lawton Street 3.43 pm
Lawton Street 8.03 am St David’s Way 3.45 pm
Thames Drive 8.07 am Park Lane Care Home,
3.47 pm
Oxhey First School 8.10 am James
Bateman School
3.50 pm
 Woodhouse Academy 8.15 am Sainsbury’s 4.00 pm
Eaton Bank
8.40 am Halls Road Playing Fields 4.05 pm
Biddulph Arms 4.08 pm


Macclesfield Bus
8.10 am Londis Shop (formerly The Grove Inn) (EBA) 3.36 pm
Eaton the Plough 3.38 pm
Macclesfield College 8.13 am Rodeheath Chain & Gate 3.41 pm
The Flower Pot 8.14 am Gawsworth Old Post
3.47 pm
Gawsworth Methodist Church 8.20 am The Flower Pot 3.52 pm
Rodeheath Chain & Gate 8.25 am Macclesfield College 3.53 pm
Eaton the Plough 8.29 am Macclesfield Bus Station 3.57 pm
Lower Heath Jackson Road (EBA) 8.32 am