Eaton Bank Academy

Senior Leadership team

Mr E O’Neill – Headteacher –

Mr M James – Deputy Headteacher –

Mrs S Bennett – Assistant Headteacher

Mr S Carvell – Assistant Headteacher and Director of Sixth Form –

Mrs V Mahmoud – Assistant Headteacher –

Mr Will Davies – Associate Assistant Headteacher –

Ms Bethany Messham – Business Communications Manager –

Learning and Progress Managers

Year 7 – Mrs J Andrews –

Years 8 & 9 – Mrs L Brindley  –

Year 10  – Mrs S Knott –

Year 11 – Mrs R Callister –

Director of Pastoral Care and SEND

Miss E Griffen –


Mr M James –  (Safeguarding Lead)

Miss E Griffen – (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Tutor System

Our tutor groups are split into Year Groups, each of which are supported by a Learning and Progress Manager and a Pastoral Manager.

Tutors take time each morning, during registration, to check on their students welfare and progress and receive regular updates from key staff and subject teachers. Your child’s form tutor is the first point of contact with the school.

Assemblies of full year groups are also held weekly in the school hall, where key messages, external speakers and presentations can be shared with full year groups.

Please find below information and contact details for each year group at Eaton Bank 2020-2021

Learning and Progress Manager Years 6/7 – Mrs J Andrews (JAN)  

Pastoral Manager – Mrs A Sumpter (ASU) 


Learning and Progress Manager Year 8 – Ms L Brindley (LBR)  

Pastoral Manager – Mrs D Wardle (DWE)  


Learning and Progress Manager Year 9 – Ms L Brindley (LBR) 

Pastoral Manager – Mrs D Wardle (DWE) 


Learning and Progress Manager Year 10 – Mrs S Knott (SKN) 

Pastoral Manager – Mrs D Latham (DLA) 


Learning and Progress Manager Year 11 – Miss R Callister (BCA) 

Pastoral Manager – Mrs J Bent (JBE)  


Sixth Form  Director of Sixth Form – Mr S Carvell (SCA) 

Assistant Director of Sixth Form – Mrs L McLaughlin (LMC) 

Assistant Director of Sixth Form – Miss J Podmore (JPO) 



7BCO    Mr B Corscadden 

7DMO    Mr D Moult 

7ERO    Miss E Rolfe 

7LSM    Mrs L Smith 

7SDA    Miss S Davies 

7SMU    Miss S Mullins 


8CMA    Mr C Malbon  

8EPA    Miss E Parker  

8FNI    Mrs F Nixon & Mrs A Barter 

8RMO    Mr R Moore  

8SBN    Miss S Benjamin  

8SJE    Mr S Jenkins  


9DWA    Mr D Washington  

9EHA    Miss E Hayward  

9GEA    Ms G Eaton  

9JCO    Mr J Conheeney  

9RDA    Mrs R Day & Mrs P Leese 

9SBO(LWA)    Mr S Bollan 


10DMA    Mr D Margolan  

10HHA    Mrs H Hampton & Mr M Roberts 

10LNE    Mrs L Neil           

10NGI (PLE)    Mrs N Gillan & Mrs A Barter 

10RHO(SAB)    Mr R Hopkin 

10SMO    Mrs S Mottershead, Miss J Green & Mrs F Jones 


11CEV    Mrs C Evans & Mr M Roberts 

11LFO    Ms L Foreman  

11LWI    Miss L Williams  

11MQU (MRO)    Mr M Quinn & Mrs A Barter 

11SCO    Mrs S Cooper & Mrs R Harris 


12EST    Mrs C Venables & Mrs E Stone 

12TPE    Mr T Pearson 

13BWI    Mrs B Williams 

13TMC    Mr T McNulty