Eaton Bank Academy

The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) is a vibrant place which offers all students a place to work, revise and reflect in an educational environment.

It is open all day for students and staff to use for lessons, small group work, intervention work and private study.

At break and lunchtime it is used for reading for pleasure and homework. A particular highlight of the week is Wednesday lunchtime, where boys from Year 7 and 8 can choose to take part in the Boys Reading Club where they participate in reading activities and encourage reading for pleasure amongst other peers in the group.

The LRC is a focus for many reading activities including BookBuzz speed dating, the Cheshire Book Awards, author visits and the Cheshire Librarian’s Book Quiz. It also is home to the school stationary shop.

Our LRC is also the base for our English Summer School where Year 6 students are invited to take part during the school holidays in an action packed and exciting week.

In order to ensure that all of our students benefit from the LRC, staff work in close partnership to ensure that the LRC is stocked with materials which support the curriculum across the school. It has a particularly close relationship with the English Department and has previously hosted famous authors and arranged trips to the British Library and Shakespeare Exhibitions.

The LRC has a wide range of books, both fiction and non-fiction, which cater for all abilities as well as moving in to the future by looking at how we can use e-readers for some of our pupils. The LRC also benefits from a computer suite and projector as well as regular national newspapers and periodicals to help students keep abreast in their particular areas of interest.

For further information about the LRC, please contact the LRC Manager, Ms. R Shaw via email