Eaton Bank Academy

When young people leave Eaton Bank they invariably do so with the ability and inclination to make an immediate and valuable contribution to the world around them. One of the reasons for this is the emphasis we place on enriching activities; those activities which take them beyond themselves and encourage a wider perspective and a broader range of interests.

Participation in clubs, in sport and on school trips is very high at Eaton Bank, partly because of the sheer range and quality of activity on offer and partly because each generation of students passes on to the next a general inclination to get ‘stuck in’ with whatever is going on. This might be involvement in local democracy through the youth council, developing leadership skills by supporting workshops with primary school children, representing their school as part of our team of ‘ school ambassadors,’ undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh award, doing intergenerational work with elderly IT students, competing in local and regional sports competitions, joining in with school productions, doing voluntary work in Gambia or Romania, undertaking a work placement with local business…the list is truly endless.

Staff also lead by example; forging links in the community, giving their time after school and during holidays and showing relentless enthusiasm for school life in its broadest sense. They lead interhouse activities, plan and deliver lunchtime clubs, take part in the annual staff performance…again the list could go on and on.

This kind of culture doesn’t develop overnight or happen by accident. The Eaton Bank community has been extending and improving the richness of school life for well over a decade and will continue to do so.