Eaton Bank Academy

Our Design and Technology department has two practical workshops, one classroom, one computer suite for graphic design and one room dedicated to food technology.

At Eaton Bank we benefit from a laser cutter, which works directing the output of a high-powered laser by computer at a material to be cut. All years have experience of working on projects with the laser cutter, such as producing high quality items or finishing edges for some of their project work.

We also have a vinyl cutter which uses computer designed files which creates patterns and letters which are directly cut onto the roll of vinyl. This is again used by all year groups at Eaton Bank, to produce logos and lettering to be included on their projects.

The most recent addition to the Design and Technology department is the dye sublimation machine which can be used for printing onto different surfaces such as pen drive cases, packaging, furniture and much more. This will eventually be used across the school, but we have already started to use our new acquisition with students in the Upper School.