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The Science Learning Partnership arranges quality, relevant, up to date and dynamic Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and networking opportunities for Primary, Secondary and FE Staff in the area of Science.

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Primary Courses planned for 2018/2019 


Developing the role of the primary science subject leader
Course code – RA101 C08

Start date 20 Sep 09.30 to 15.30
Location Eaton Bank Academy, Congleton, CW12 1NT

Good subject leadership has a positive impact on the quality of science teaching in primary schools. You will explore a range of strategies to audit and lead science in your school, understand your role more fully and be able to identify and promote effective primary science

You will be able to:
•set and manage processes for leading science effectively
•lead change in your school to support delivery of the new primary curriculum

Working scientifically in the primary curriculum – pupil led investigations
Course code – RA108 C01

Start date 28 Sep 09.30 to 15.30
Location Eaton Bank Academy, Congleton, CW12 1NT

Pupils are enthused and motivated when they are involved in planning their own enquiries and when they can see the relevance of them to their everyday life. You will explore a range of techniques to draw out their ideas and develop strategies to inspire and incorporate these ideas into your science lessons.

You will be able to:
•incorporate children’s ideas into your science lessons
•plan for science with a creative approach

Technician and head of science networks will continue to run on a termly basis.


Making powerful connections between primary literacy and science
Course Code – RA114 C02
Date and time – 11 October 2018 13:00-16:00


You will explore a range of strategies designed to improve children’s ability to use scientific language. You will be able to maximise the opportunities for developing literacy skills and improving attainment in science by planning lessons in which children communicate science ideas, knowledge and understanding.


You will be able to:
•gain an awareness of the nature and breadth of opportunities for linking science and literacy
•develop strategies for raising attainment in science through developing speaking, listening and writing skills to communicate scientific learning
•begin to identify progression in science and literacy


Primary Conference

Course code – RA124 C03
Date and time – 15 October 2018 09:15 – 16:00


The Conference aims to suggest ways to engage learners and embed Science into the primary experience. Listen to Paul McCrory from Learn Differently, explain how to hook young learners by creating suspense and surprise in the classroom; hear Megan Dixon from Aspire Research School discuss the importance of literacy and how it links to success in Science; and find out from Alom Shaha how to engage parents with science.

In addition, there will be a choice of workshop sessions which will provide ideas for incorporating Science into subjects as well as the opportunity to network with delegates from other schools and leave with lots of ideas for raising the profile and impact of Science.


Please see specific entries for exact outcomes for the conference you are interested in, there will be the opportunity to:
•discuss current good practice in primary science
•recognise your own good practice, and identify areas for development
•reflect on ways to translate ideas to your school context, and plan for action

Secondary Courses planned for 2018/2019 

Essential skills for new and aspiring science leaders
Course code – RA206  C07
Date and time – 18 Sep 18 and 13 Nov 18 – 14.00 to 17.00
Location – Eaton Bank Academy, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1NT

Working with an experienced science leader, you will develop your vision and leadership skills to enable you to lead an effective and vibrant science team. By improving your leadership and management skills you will help your team teach more effectively so students achieve their potential.

You will be able to:
use data analysis and information to identify key priorities for departmental improvement
analyse common challenges and explore solutions to address them
evaluate and select strategies to implement successful teamwork and lead change
develop a vision for teaching and learning in science by sharing ideas with other new leaders

Strengthening practical skills in chemistry
Course Code – RA202 C01
Date and time – 09 October 2018 09:30-15:30


Research evidence indicates that practical learning improves student motivation, attainment and overall school performance. Through hands-on activities you will undertake new and established strategies and practical techniques to make students’ learning more effective.


You will be able to:
•develop an understanding of the nature, purpose and importance of practical work in chemistry lessons
•employ new and established practical strategies and techniques to teach chemistry effectively
•plan how to incorporate these ideas into schemes of learning

Responding to pupil needs in science
Course code – RA220 C05
Date and time – 06 November 2018 13:30-16:00


Students, who are stretched and challenged, will be motivated to continue studying science. This course will consider a range of evidence based strategies that will enable you to personalise the science curriculum and determine what will work best for your students to ensure that they are engaged.


You will be able to:
•explore a range of ideas for addressing accessibility to science for students of varying needs and abilities
•devise strategies to improve engagement with science and encourage progression to further study, where appropriate use what you learnt to make an impact in your own school or department


Courses are currently being planned – if you wish any further information, please contact
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