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Invest in Congleton’s Community Energy Scheme:

After nearly 4 years of detailed work by the Dane Valley Community Energy volunteers the Hydro Project on Havannah Weir is now on a solid road to fruition. Extensive ground investigation works have enabled robust civil design and costings to be completed. It is planned that site work will commence by the middle of the year and electricity being generated by the year end 2020.

This will only happen if as a community we raise the capital through our Community Share Scheme regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

The Share Prospectus is currently being prepared and will be available mid January.

To Register your interest in the Community Share Scheme and to receive a copy of the Prospectus please contact:


The Congleton Sustainability Group was set up by volunteers to promote sustainability in the town.  The organisation is thriving and currently has over 330 members. The highest profile activity of the group is the manufacture and sale of apple juice from donated apples helping to preserve allotments.


Dane Valley Community Energy Ltd was set up by six local people as a Community Benefit Company to procure, install and operate a hydro-electricity generation plant at Havannah Weir.  The 4m high Havannah Weir was constructed in the 1790’s to power an industrial complex which was active in the manufacture of brass wire, copper sheet, bolts, cigars, corn milling, silk throwing, etc.  The objective is to generate carbon free electricity and utilise any profits for community benefit schemes.

The project also aims to engage the community in the energy debate:

  • Involve members in the details of how to generate electricity with minimal environmental impact
  • Provide a showcase resource for local schoolchildren to learn about renewable energy production and make them more aware of environmental issues
  • Produce revenues for raising community awareness in renewable energy and promoting energy saving activities

Funding for the project:

  • A Feasibility Study was funded by a grant from WRAP (a DEFRA Quango) for £16,800
  • A loan is being applied for from WRAP to complete studies and consents
  • Approximately £450k capital is needed to procure, install and commission the equipment
  • Capital will be raised by a combination of
    • A share prospectus offering investors ~4% interest over a 20 year life
    • Sponsorship by local companies and organisations
    • Grants

Operational information:

  • Annual operating costs are forecast to be £7,700 pa (exc. depreciation and interest payments)
  • Run by volunteers on a Not for Profit basis
  • Forecast £5,000 annual surplus available for donations to local charities / good causes
  • DVCE Ltd will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment through a combination of volunteers and support service organisations
  • Maximum use will be made of best practice sharing from other similar schemes in the area





Qmin – Qavailable =   Flow rate required to maintain visual appearance of weir ~0.28m3s-1

Potential layout





Control Concept

  • Flow rate over weir is controlled at the minimum visually acceptable level by diverting all additional flow through the turbine
  • Level sensor upstream from the weir is used to control the water level by hydraulically adjusting the opening of the sluice gate


Please let us know what you think by completing our Community Engagement Survey