Eaton Bank Academy

We are proud of our students success, and like to keep in touch with our former students.

For more information on how to become a part of our Alumni network, please contact Mrs S Bailey at via email or telephone 01260 273000.

Benefits to Getting Involved;

Building your CV
Whether you’ve started thinking about it now, or you need a helping hand in the future, your old teachers might be able to offer advice/opportunities to gain work experience and learn new skills.

Staying connected
Updates on news, upcoming events and opportunities to get involved sent directly to your inbox.

Getting a job
Every year, we’ll send a summary of useful links that will help with finding jobs, placements or internships and just other opportunities we think will be of use.

Just because you’ve left, it doesn’t mean you have to stop getting involved in the things you enjoy. For instance, you could help coach a school sports team, support in a drama workshop or write/edit pieces for our newsletters.

Giving something back
Would you have benefited from hearing from former students in further education or jobs while you were at school? Keep in touch and, a little further down the line, it’d be amazing if we could invite you back to talk about your experiences to students in your old seats!

Asking for a reference
If you stay in touch, your old teachers might be able to help you secure a job in the future by providing references to potential employers.