Eaton Bank Academy

At Eaton Bank Academy we are working to ensure that each child is able to maximise their potential within a supportive and caring environment.

We have three distinct aims which reflect the school’s core values and principles and these form the ‘framework’ of our School Development Plan.

We work closely with parents to achieve the following:

  • To have high expectations and enable everyone to achieve success.
  • To celebrate high quality learning experiences in all areas of school life.
  • To be at the heart of the community, and prepare everyone fully for their future lives.


Teaching and Learning at Eaton Bank Academy: Our core values

At Eaton Bank Academy we believe the core of our approach is in providing an outstanding learning experience.  We believe that we are preparing our students to be the leaders of the future.  As such we provide a dynamic and engaging curriculum which gives students the chance to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will prepare them fully for their future lives.

It is our intention to provide high quality learning experiences in every lesson, every day.
Our vision for excellent teaching and learning is based on three core elements:


Every lesson is focused on careful planning that challenges and engages.  Lessons are planned to ensure students are always encouraged to be active participants in their learning, communicating ideas confidently, working in teams, pairs or individually with pace and purpose. Students making excellent progress in every lesson is at the heart of the planning of all lessons.


Teaching is innovative, exciting and passionate.  It is characterised by lessons which inspire an enthusiasm for learning and activities that are stimulating, challenging and engaging.  The pace and pitch of lessons is very well judged and is challenging to all learners and their individual needs.  Our excellent teaching aims to build students’ love of learning, develop independence and resilience; these are qualities that are essential for great accomplishment.


Teachers use a range of techniques to assess students’ progress in lessons and over time in order to maximize gains and ensure that knowledge, skills and understanding are secure.  Students know where they have achieved well; learning is consolidated in lessons and across groups of lessons and students are able to reflect on their learning and fully understand the next steps that they need to take.