Eaton Bank Academy

Services for Primary Schools

Eaton Bank Academy is now offering a Business Management Service to primary schools wishing to convert to academy status. We will work in partnership with existing staff to make the most of their expertise and provide whatever additional skills are needed in a manner that is both scalable and affordable.

We recognise that many Primary School Headteachers are already fulfilling Business Management functions, and successfully so. They have a vision for their school and the leadership capabilities to deliver it but when it comes to Academy conversion they don’t always have the operational management in place, or the time to research and develop the new skills required to successfully navigate the transition to Academy and beyond.

This is where Eaton Bank Academy can help. We have a flexible team of school support staff, headed up by Strategic Business Manager, Elizabeth Whitehurst, who can provide a whole host of services from purchasing and payroll checking to writing a business plan, budget and cash flow forecast.

Every school is different, and no-one wants to pay for something they don’t need. We will agree the scope of our service with you, including a guaranteed price, which is set according to your requirements. You may want this on a ‘per pupil’ basis, for example, or perhaps a promise of no price increase for three years to help with budgeting. Once you have made the decision to convert to Academy status you will want to ensure that the added opportunities (curriculum flexibility, new partnerships, capital funding opportunities etc.) don’t come at a cost. For your assurance, we will provide a service that is tailored to your cost base.

We can help you with…

• Prepare management accounts, including cash flow forecasts

• Provide a full or partial finance office function  

• Support with procurement

• Support with capital bids to the EFA

• Complete accounts returns and other compliance documentation

• Help select your key professional advisors

• Set up banking and payroll services

• Prepare and train your key staff

• Liaise with the LA and DFE

• Help prepare budget forecasts and other key documentation