Eaton Bank Academy

Crystal Maze Challenge


Well done to the Marton & District, Marlfields, Mossley and Thursfield Year 5 pupils who completed The Eaton Bank Academy Crystal Maze!

The afternoon followed the format of the cult TV show, with pupils taking on a series of Maths and English challenges to win as many ‘crystals’ as possible.

The pupils’ Maths, English and team working skills were put to the test with speed spelling, word sorts and maths jigsaws. Practical skills were also required for the ‘spaghetti and Jelly Baby tower’ challenge which involved teams ‘purchasing’ Jelly Babies and spaghetti to build the tallest tower at the lowest cost. (Fortunately for all the teams, the pupils were not charged for the Jelly Babies eaten during the tower construction!)

The final task for the teams was a  ‘physical challenge’ treasure hunt for over 150 crystals hidden around the Sixth Form Centre.  Congratulations to all the pupils who took part; everyone did brilliantly and embarked on the challenges with great skill and enthusiasm.