Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – English & MFL Faculty


Congratulations  to the following students who have been recognised by the English & MFL faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning:

Yr 7:  Holly Nash (DBR) and Callum Walker (LWI)
Yr 8:  Demi Smith (SDA) and Sam Morrey (VSH)
Yr 9:  Luke Smith (WDA) and Nell Painter (DMO)
Yr 10: Tim Vos (DMA) and Olivia Brindley (DMA)
Yr 11:Victoria Bromley (LMC) and Jamie Goff (SCA)
Yr 12:  Izzy Harbisher (AMO) and Emre Uygun (RWA)
Yr 13: Tom Flynn (CVE) and Ellie Clowes (TMC)

English and MFL Jan 2017

Throughout the school year each faculty will have the opportunity to nominate two students from each year group who demonstrate an Outstanding Attitude to Learning. In deciding who should receive this special commendation, teachers consider the extent to which students have shown they are;

  • determined to improve their learning and actively seek advice
  • keen to take on new challenges
  • keep trying different ways of working when things are difficult

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