Eaton Bank Academy

Eaton Bank Academy is nearer than you think!

The majority of children attending Eaton Bank Academy walk to school. We actively encourage children to walk to school, whenever it is safe and reasonable for them to do so. This helps them develop a healthy lifestyle and fosters independence. Children often walk in friendship groups and staff are still on hand for them even as they walk down Jackson Road.


For those travelling from further afield, the catchment area for Eaton Bank Academy includes a large swathe of rural Cheshire… Cheshire East Council will arrange transport for those in catchment areas who live more than three miles from the school.


For those living less than three miles from the school or not within the Cheshire East Catchment there are presently two commercial bus services operating which deliver students directly to the door at Eaton Bank.

If you have any questions regarding transport to Eaton Bank Academy, please contact Mrs Whitehurst

We also provide transport from the North Staffordshire area – if you wish to use this service, please contact Mrs E Whitehurst

Pick Up Point AM PM
Pennyfields Road, Newchapel 7.52 15.57
High Street, Harriseahead 7.55 15.52
Mow Cop Road, Mow Cop 8.00 15.47
Dales Green Road, Dales Green 8.03 15.42
High Street, The Rookery 8.06 15.39
Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove 8.10 15.36
Red Bull 8.15 15.34
Congleton Road, Scholar Green 8.17 15.31
Newcastle Road, Astbury 8.21 15.36
West Heath Shopping Centre 8.25 15.25
Eaton Bank Academy 8:40 15.10


Please see ‘Resources’ below for downloadable CEC, Aviva and Ladyline Bus Timetables.