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Child Development, as well as being a varied and interesting subject, is essentially teaching a skill for life. This course is for students who wish to develop life skills that will enable them to become better parents and/or go on to qualify in a career caring for children. Students will have an opportunity to extend and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding of the development and care of children from conception to the age of five years. It promotes an understanding of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child which is inter-linked through the study of the family, community and the responsibilities of parenthood. During this three-year course areas of study range from preparation for pregnancy and birth, through to the physical and emotional development of the child, as well as the development of the family unit.  The aim is to make the lessons relevant to our pupils and the world they live in today and to that end, we would encourage questioning and discussion as part of the learning process.



Assessment for this course will involve two controlled assessments (worth 60% of the final award given), along with a terminal examination (worth a further 40%).

This course provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to continue their studies or follow a career.


  • A Levels in Health and Social Care (AS/A-Level), Psychology and Sociology.
  • Vocational courses such as Child Care, Health and Social Care.
  • Employment in childcare that would work alongside gaining qualifications in a related topic.
  • Degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Teaching, Nursing.

Future career prospects

The Child Development course offers a basis for those seeking employment in a wide range of childcare settings e.g. crèches, playschools,  childminders, teachers (primary and secondary), child psychologist, educational psychologist, social worker, nursing, nursery management, nursery nurse.

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