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The Science Learning Partnership arranges quality, relevant, up to date and dynamic Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and networking opportunities for Primary, Secondary and FE Staff in the area of Science.



Responding to pupil needs in science – stretching and challenging your students

(RA220 / C01)    7 Nov 17   1pm to 4.30pm    Eaton Bank Academy, Congleton Summary Students, who are stretched and challenged, will be motivated to continue studying science. This course will consider a range of evidence based strategies that will enable you to personalise the science curriculum and determine what will work best for your students to ensure that they are engaged. Outcomes You will be able to:

  • Explore a range of ideas for addressing accessibility to science for students of varying needs and abilities
  • Devise strategies to improve engagement with science and encourage progression to further study, where appropriate use what you learnt to make an impact in your own school or department

This course can be booked HERE


Science Technician Network (RA607 / C01)  Day 1 10 Nov 2017  (Day 2 9th February, Day 3 15th June) Sandbach Boys School With curriculum change at A level and GCSE on the horizon presenting challenges for school science departments, it seems an appropriate time for those supporting school science to meet to discuss and share good practice. Outcomes

You will:

  • Be updated about curriculum changes
  • Establish how this will impact school science departments
  • Establish a working brief for the network
  • Identify future training needs

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FREE Subject Leaders’ Network Meeting (RA219 / C18)   15th Nov 2017   Alsager School  08.00 to 10.00 Summary

This is a chance for collaboration with your peers so you can share information and develop as a leader. Expert consultants will help you identify priority issues in teaching and learning and professional development for your teams. You will be able to develop solutions, drawing on the expertise within the group. This strengthening of informal school-to-school support will create an effective network of information, advice and guidance.


You will be able to:

  • Work collaboratively to identify priorities in science teaching and learning and in science-specific professional development for your teams
  • Share and develop strategies to tackle these issues, drawing on expertise as needed from outside the network

This course can be booked HERE


Mathematics in science teaching

(RA210 / C03)   21 Nov 2017   9.00am to 3.30pm Eaton Bank Academy, Congleton Summary There is an increased mathematical demand in science and a greater understanding is necessary to accelerate learning and raise attainment for science GCSE’s. This course explores the typical weaknesses in mathematics that hinder students’ ability to understand and solve scientific problems. It will give teachers an increased confidence in teaching the mathematical aspects of secondary science and the skills and strategies to meet these requirements. Outcomes You will be able to:

  • Appreciate how weaknesses in understanding mathematics can lead to difficulty in understanding secondary science
  • Identify pedagogies to address these weaknesses
  • Understand how mathematics is used to make simple descriptions and predictions in science and how this might be supported by software examples
  • Access mathematics in science resources for teaching GCSE science

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FREE Speed Dating Teach Meet (RA231 / C03)   21 Nov 2017   Museum of Science and Industry   17:00-19:00

Teach Meet is is a fun and informal environment for teachers that gives you a platform to network, share examples of good practice, innovations and personal insights for effective learning. It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out what your colleagues have been doing in their classrooms that has really made their class tick and has had a huge and positive effect on their students’ progression.

You can have the floor for 5 minutes to present to your colleagues anything to do with Science but in a fun and entertaining way! Don’t want to present? Come along, watch and enjoy the programme of events.


Participants will:

  • Share good practice
  • Highlight what colleagues have worked on in classrooms
  • Be able to present findings

This course can be booked HERE



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